Have you ever wondered about the standard of service you should expect from your real estate agent? Wonder no more because we have put together a few of the key characteristics you should watch out for and we recommend that you do not settle for anything less than the best.

Local knowledge 
Your agent will have expertise, local knowledge, be educated in market performance and know what factors (both positive and negative) are impacting on market conditions. Your agent will offer advice on the best strategy to sell your home.

Organised with attention to detail
Organisation and an acute eye for the details will come as second nature to your agent. They will take time to capture and market your home, making it as appealing as possible to potential buyers. You will experience regular, open and honest communications with your agent and your agent will be prompt in all matters relating to the sale of your home, including arriving for viewings on time and reporting back to you. Remember, you are very much a part of the process.

Good representation
Your agent will work closely with you in order to have a clear sense of your expectations in relation to the sale of your home over the duration that your home is on the market.

This is an important one. You want an agent who is tenacious. They will follow up with you quickly after every viewing. You will see evidence that they are work hard and they will never give up.


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