Reasons People Sell

People sell their home for any number of reasons. There are the up sizers, the down sizers, the ones who want a bigger garden, the ones who want less grass to mow, the party people who want a bigger kitchen, the quiet people who want a cozy lounge. There are the city slickers and the country folks, the night owls and the early risers. Some people want beautiful scenery while other people want to see bright lights. We are all chasing a different idea of our dream home.

And then there’s that other little thing that runs in tandem with our vision of the perfect home. It’s called life. Sometimes its predictable and other times it hits you like a bolt out of the blue.

During times of predictability there is the luxury of planning ahead, saving for the dream home and leisurely scrolling through the property pages hoping that the perfect images appear on the screen.

During the times of unpredictability, when things are more unsettled because something outside of your control has happened, the process of selling up and moving on is more of a heavy burden than a fun house hunt.

People are going through difficulties every single day. Bereavement, separation, divorce, physical illness, mental illness, bankruptcy, redundancy, unemployment, lawsuits, to name but a few. Sometimes these life events mean that, amidst the turmoil of all the other stuff that’s going on, people are also forced to take stock of their real estate position. The outcome could mean having to sell and downsize or sell and rent or sell and move in with a relative or friend.

Back to the title of this piece. There are many reasons why people are selling their home and it’s not always because they want to. As real estate agents, we know that it is during these situations when people need our help the most. This is where the trust and honesty becomes of utmost importance and it’s our job to make sure we instil a sense of safe guarding with our clients. To let them believe that we will take care of this matter, take it off their plate so that they can concentrate on the “other stuff.” As real estate agents that’s the least we can do and the most we can do is act with honesty and integrity and in the best interests of our clients.

Behind every door is a person and every person we meet is on a different journey. At Mayers Real Estate we consider it a privilege to share some that journey with you.

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