When it comes to property, the focus is often on buying rather than selling, but selling a property can be a difficult and stressful time, which is often both a daunting and exciting experience.

Director of Northern Ireland-based Mayers Real Estate, Chartered Surveyor, Ursula Mayers, said:

“When selling your home, you want to show it off in its best possible light, impressing prospective buyers before they’ve even set foot over your door, and helping them to visualise your property as their future home.

“A great estate agent will help you with this process, so it’s worth taking the time to choose an agent that feels right for you.”

For more practical ideas, here are Ursula’s six tips for selling your property:

1. Sort Your Finances

Before you even consider putting your property on the market, let your mortgage provider know that you’re wanting to sell, and find out if there are any penalties for paying back your mortgage early. If you plan on purchasing a new home following the sale, think about the new mortgage you’ll require and start shopping around for mortgages you’re eligible for. You need to be clear on your budget, including the deposit, on any new home you wish you bid on. Knowing your bottom line will make negotiating easier and keep you within the boundary of what is realistic.

2. Keep Clear Boundaries

Keeping the garden and perimeter boundary tidy helps to clearly define the boundaries between neighbouring properties, which can be important for those viewing your home as they will want to clearly see what they are purchasing, and just how close the neighbours are.

3. Get Kerb Appeal

First impressions count. When someone comes to view your property, they’ll be making judgements before they’ve even stepped over the front door, which means you want to impress them from the second they see your house. Make sure the exterior of your property is up-to-scratch, this includes brickwork, fences, windows and doors, gates and railings, and the gardens and driveway. Make sure your house has kerb appeal.

4. De-Clutter

Make sure you tidy away as much clutter and as many personal items as possible. Potential buyers need to envision themselves living in your home, which means keeping surfaces clear and personal tastes neutral. A framed photo of the family, or a vase of flowers, is a nice touch – but any personal knick-knacks should be stored away.

5. Give Rooms Purpose

If your dining room is full of paperwork and your sunroom has exercise equipment in it, potential buyers may struggle to see the purpose of the rooms. Highlighting and showing off their original purpose can help prospective buyers visualise calling your property their home.

6. Choose A Great Agent

Selling a property can be very stressful, so it’s important to choose the right estate agent who can minimise worry and maximise results. Choose an agent with a proven history of getting sales, who uses modern marketing techniques, and even better – one that will do the viewings with the prospective buyers for you. Remember that your agent will be working with you for a period of time so make sure you have someone that you can trust and who will be available to you.

To discuss listing your home with Mayers Real Estate call Ursula on 028 90 388 383 or email ursula@mayersrealestate.co.uk.

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